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Here's how to convert Youtube video to mp4 or mp3 and download file:

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    Hello and welcome to Converto. What is this place? What's it for? Converto is online video converter and downloader. We help liberate online video and save it into your phone or computer as mp4. We can also convert video from most popular sites into mp3 file. Have you ever had to interrupt your video watching time due to lack of internet? Yes? No? Well, you have to no more!! Simply copy video link, bring it here, paste into the white box above, see video download options and pick the one that's right for you. As simple as that.

    Friendly website design

    We strive to make our website easy to use, fast, feature full and friendly. And we like to think we are getting closer to achieving that.

    Safe, secure, reliable

    Converto cares for the user experience to be as positive and safe, as possible. And so we use https, have zero redirects and don't track users.

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    Search Youtube from here. Download whole playlists.

    We know Youtube tracks your every move, sticks ads into videos and tries to suggest random stuff you never want in your feed. To that we say: be that no more! Now you can search Youtube directly from Converto's white input box above, simply start entering some text (artist name, song title, etc), and our smart search will suggest tags popular in your area. You can also finish typing your personal search and submit. Results won't make wait themselves. Click on any video thumbnail to proceed to download section.

    We also support Youtube playlists. And playlists in general, some other sites like Instagram, Dailymotion or Soundcloud have their playlists. We can process those playlists, show all the videos (and audio tracks) included and also display download options or at least a link to load those options. Very easy, clean, our method lets you choose which playlist entries you want to download, and proceed to do just that. We don't use multi-file zip archives and all that stuff, just plain videos and audios directly to your device.

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    Check out our free web based app. Simply press the button above to install it. No download is required, browser will make this app available for you from the home screen of Android or desktop of any Windows device. Best if used with MS Edge or Chrome (based) web browsers.. This app needs no updates, it uses Converto website to provide results, so it will always work, for as long as our website is online. Feel free to install the app and check it out, if you don't like it - simply remove in 2 taps (usually tap and hold the icon to show uninstall option on android, windows device - start the app and find uninstall option in the app menu). Converto is here to help, so let us know if anything else is required.

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    Quick access via browser bookmark

    Here's another way to access Converto quicker than ever - use our browser bookmark, which is also called bookmarklet. It's not a usual bookmark in a sense, it works a little differently. First you'd need to drag and drop the button above into your bookmarks section. Then visit Youtube, Facebook or any other site with videos. And while watching a video or being on some page with a video, - hit the bookmark. It will grap the URL of the page you are on, and send you to Converto with URL alone the way. And when you come here, it'll be already neatly placed into the search box and download links being researched as the page loads. This is mostly for desktop, for mobile - use add to home screen option.